Switchblade automatic knives Question and Answers

Automatic switchblade knife for sale at big switchblade knife shop here for Springers

Question: How do you calculate shipping and handling charges ?

Answer:  Good queastion. We do not charge a handling fee. The flat rate we charge DOES NOT COVER THE COST OF SHIPPING. I know this sounds crazy. We do not ship the cheapest USPS. Switchblade automatic knives are a restricted item and should never be shipped USPS (mail). We ship FedEX, UPS and DHL. It is expensive. Really expensive if you live in a rural area. Shipping fees change often. We offer the best and safest shipping companies and methods. We offer the optional sheaths to you at a discounted price and use that money to help pay for your shipping expenses. 

We will send you a tracking number when it is shipped.

Question: Is the picture the knife i will get ?

Answer: Not always. Our most popular knife is our Big Classic 13 inch Italian Stiletto Switchblade knives for only $79. We sell many automatic knives and often use the same picture for the same kind of knife.

Question: Why do some auto knives open faster than another one that is the same knife?

Answer: No two switchblades are the same. Italian stilettos are made by hand. It is a work of art. some like the "hard lockup", but that can damage your knife. Every time The knife opens it sends a shock wave down the knife. A knife only needs as much power as it takes to fire and lock the knife.

Question: What is your return / refund policy?

Answer: All sales are final. We may make an exception and allow returns in the event of defects. We inspect every item when it comes in and before we ship it out. We have not had any knives reported to be defective and sent back. In the event one does get past us, we must be notified within 24 hours of delivery. We will send you an authorization return number and  If the switchblade automatic knives or knife is found to be defective we will send a replacement. 

we want you to be happy and visit us again. Subject to  Terms and Conditions.

Question: Can you ship to a P.O Box?

No UPS and FEDEX will not ship to a We can only ship to the buyers address.

Question: Is there a guarantee on the knives I Buy?

Answer: That depends on the manufacturers guarantee. Some  manufacturers have warrenties but  most custom knife makers don't, so we can't offer a guarantee on those knives. We have a three tier inspect process on all switchblade automatic knives.

We have never had one retutned.


Question: Can I  pick up my order in person to save on the shipping?

Answer: Sorry, We  are an online  store only. We don't maintain a brick and morter physical storefront. This keeps our overhead cost low allowing us to offer the best quality items at the lowest prices.